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Jazztrack with Mal Stanley 


Woven together: On this week's new music set we're giving vocalist Leigh Carriage's latest CD a spin, which features a star cast of Australian heavyweights.  

Leigh Carriage has enlisted the help of a number of local stalwarts, including Julien Wilson, Angela Davis, Stephen Magnusson and Danny Fischer to name a few. Her new album is called Weave, and it contains a selection of original material. We'll sample one of those on this episode - a track called 'Filament.' 

Broadcast  Sep 5, 2016. 9:00pm - 9:30pm  & Sep 10, 2016. 10:00am - 10:30am


Interview Vince Jones & Matt McMahon August 2016 

It was delightful to spend time with Vince and Matt for another APRA workshop here at SCU. This moment captures the warmth and ease of the discussion. This week I have the pleasure of introducing our students to the impressive writing of Kristin Berardi!

'Weave' is completed!  

I'll be embarking on a National tour commencing at the Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival on Sunday 30th October then on to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and back to Byron with a few other dates in between. Really looking forward to playing these new tunes with brilliant musicians and meeting new music lovers. 

Mastering now in process with William Bowden in Tassie 

I love this stage, Jim has mixed the album into perfection - what a journey and as always I learn so much from him during the mixes. Now William is mastering the ten tracks in Tassie - only heard a few so far - stunning! Then Heidi and I will work on the design, and away we gooo....Planning launches in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Byron starting in late November. Bit excited!

Concert at Brisbane Jazz Club  

Thursday 11th Feb
My parents were weavers; my father the repairer of broken toys, car engines and skinned knees, my mother weaved wools, fabrics and healing words, and weaved her magic in the soil. Much like them I too weave - melody and word, and together David, Thierry and Steve we weave songs. Joni Mitchell wrote we are 'condemned to wires and hammers, strike every chord that you feel'. Please come to an evening of music weaving combining wood, metal, muscle and wire - plus new songs from my new album! 



Ten new tunes recorded last week with the brilliant Niko Schauble and an epic group of musicians: 
Rhythm Section: Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Frank Di Sario (bass), Steve Russell (piano) and Danny Fischer (drums). 
Horns: Julien Wilson, Carl Mackey, Phil Noy, Angela Davis, Tony Buchannan and Carlo Barbaro. 
Strings: Lizzy Welsh, Charlotte Jack, Natasha Conrau and Anna Webb. 

Mixing, mastering to go...Lx

International Jazz Voice Conference October 

..in Helsinki is the first event of its type, organised for jazz singers by jazz singers. The first edition of the IJVC comes from the acute need for international specialists in the field to connect and interact. IJVC aims to raise awareness of the importance and significance of jazz singing among vocalists, musicians and the general public. IJVC is also a platform for connecting professionals.

Keynote speakers are

CARMEN LUNDY  jazz vocalist, composer, arranger and educator (USA)

MICHELE WEIR arranger, jazz pedagogue, singer and pianist (USA)

The conference will focus on artistry, education and research in the field of vocal jazz. The activities of the conference include lectures, presentations, workshops, panel discussions and concerts - all related to jazz voice. IJVC is envisioned to become an annual event.

IJVC Presenters and panel speakers:

Petra Ahlmark (Sweden),

Leigh Carriage (Australia),

Ineke van Doorn (The Netherlands), 

Louise Gibbs (United Kingdom),

Trydy Kerr (United Kingdom),

Giedre Kilciauskiene (Lithuania),

Emma Larsson (Sweden/United States),

Lee Ellen Martin (United States), 

Susanna Mesiä (Finland), 

Elena Mîndru (Romania/Finland)

Maria Naranjo (Ecuador), 

Michelle Nicolle (Australia),

Judy Niemack (Germany/United States),

Lina Nyberg (Sweden),

Sanni Orasmaa (Finland), 

Argarita Palavicini (United States),

Kate Reid (United States), 

Kat Reinhert (United States),

Jenny Robson (Finland),

Vita Sasnauskiené (Lithuania),

Kate Skinner (United States),

Deborah Tanguy (South Africa),

Amanda Tiffin (South Africa), 

Gunilla Törnfeldt (Sweden), 


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